AudioRAZR Has Arrived!
Welcome to a new age in AUDIO technology

Cell Phone Calls, iPOD Listening, Sony Play Station Portable & DVD Watching... Does It All

AudioRAZR 330' Range
                                                            R           W

AudioRAZR  Travel Pouch................................... $14.95   $11.95
AudioRAZR  A/C USA Adapter............................ $19.95   $14.95
AudioRAZR  D/C Adapter.................................... $29.95   $24.95
AudioRAZR  USB Power Adapter........................ $09.95   $07.95
AudioRAZR  Bluetooth USB 330' Adapter............ $39.95   $29.95
AudioRAZR  Audio Universal Module 2-Way........ $99.95   $79.95
AudioRAZR  Extra Batteries Twin Pak..................$69.95   $49.95
AudioRAZR  USB Dynamic Microphone.............. $29.95   $24.95
AudioRAZR  UFO High Speed Batt Charger......... $49.95   $44.95
AudioRAZR  Analog Stereo Cable 6" ................... $09.95   $04.95
AudioRAZR  Analog Stereo Cable 10 Foot............ $19.95   $14.95
AudioRAZR  Analog "Y" Coupler........................ $15.95   $14.95
COMING SOON AudioRAZR Triple USB Power Adapter....      $?
A/C Wall Outlet / DC Airplane Seat / DC Cigarette 1" X 4" Length  
    BTW... this IS USB and WILL
100% work with MotoRAZR     
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AudioRAZR CD-Rom Owners Manual

Audio Module
Now available is a very tiny self contained portable module  
that will convert basically any electronic device to Bluetooth.
DVD Player, iPOD, TV set... anything with... Audio

Bluetooth Adapter
Also available is a new very powerful 330' foot range special  
      Bluetooth USB 2.0 adapter with extension and software. You can
        connect to any Laptop, Notebook or Tablet with the
for SKYPE, Vonage, Gaming and Internet VoIP phone calls...
With Out Wires.   None.  Nada.  El Zippo.


January 2004 Cover

Meister... How Do I Connect to the
Audio Module with the
AudioRAZR ?
First off,    let me get you up to speed with your new
AudioRAZR  wireless
stereo headset. CHARGE the batteries fully. You have an A/C wall charger
that will plug into BOTH your headset mini USB port as well as your new    
 Audio Module mini USB port. Some of you have elected to also get a new  
high speed RAPID CHARGER.    While others of you picked up Optional  
  special mini USB 2.0 D/C cables that can charge either the headset or the   
  Audio module anytime & anywhere from a USB connection, like that found
on most Laptop & Notebook computers.
    Please Note that both the tech
support people at Cingular Wireless and the 'Experts' at Motorola will tell  
 you a USB cable will Not charge the
RAZR They are WRONG.  IT most
  certainly will charge the
RAZR from Any USB port / socket with Any brand
or make USB 2.0 standard to mini patch cable...

NOTE: D/C stands for
Data Streaming and Power Charging.
  After the batteries have been fully charged you are ready to plug in and     
listen to some enjoyable music from YOUR collection be it on a record   
player, CD player, DVD unit, iPOD, any brand and model MP-3 player   
    or just about any TV, Radio and home entertainment system. 
Now THAT is versatility...
You do this by doing the following steps in THIS order...
Place a fresh charged battery on the module making sure the contacts are
 correctly matched up. Now there is a small blue light from the status LED   
  indicator which is very close on one side to the ANALOG cable socket. Go
ahead and turn on your music source making sure it is at the correct Low  
volume and is indeed playing. Otherwise you will get a false reading.        
   Plug your analog cable in to the source on one end and the Audio Module  
on the other.         Now, proceed to power up the module very carefully.   
  You will want to press the switch down and wait for the blue light to come
  ON & when it does it will flash rapidly... Keep Holding The Switch Down,
Very Important.
    Now after a few seconds the rapid flashing will cease and then will come on
       again but at a much slower pulsating pace... hold for a count of 3 or 4 flashes.

 Now go to the headset and correctly line up another fresh charged battery
& now looking at the side where the microphone and charger plug in you
    will see several controls. There are two triangles with little 'bumps' on them
 so you can do this without looking, or while you are wearing them. There  
 are also two buttons with one on top for Volume UP and the one on the    
  bottom for Volume DOWN. You must press the Volume UP button down
   & while holding it down you then press the small triangle button. This time
you need only to watch for the blue light to appear which will be a slow   
flashing light.     Put on the headset and the music that has been playing
on your source machine will start to be heard in about 10 Long seconds.

Nothing to it...  whew. This is a first time event and is not as nearly
as complicated the next time around.  Thank Goodness!

Meister... How Do I Connect my Cell Phone
to the
AudioRAZR ?

Next... PAIRING & BONDING with a Bluetooth Cell Phone.
                         You will need your cell phone instructions as this is almost an entirely a        
                  Cell Phone event. All you have to do is really just put your
in the discovery mode and let the cell phone do all the work.

         To put the
AudioRAZR in discovery mode is the same as putting
     it in PAIRing mode... put a fresh charge battery correctly in the
     headset only and then press the Volume UP button and at the
  same time press in the smaller of the two triangle buttons till
 a Blue flashing light appears and count off a good 3 flashes.

You are now in Discovery mode for about 3 minutes... using
your cell phone manual turn ON your Bluetooth feature and
 seek out ANY Bluetooth devices and say yes when you find
      one. When asked for a PIN number you enter FOUR ZERO's.
Then hit OK and then hit connect. You're Done!
Use your cell phone manual for dialing, voice dialing and to
     answer the phone press in the PLAY or Large Triangle button
   or even just turn on your phone when it rings and you should
be connected through the headset and with the mini USB  
 microphone attached, you can have a Hands Free 2-Way   
conversation and in stereo BTW.  

Meister... How Do I Connect to
Audio Module & Cell Phone at the Same Time

with the
AudioRAZR ?
Pairing the headset with Cell Phone...     then getting set up with the
Audio Module...    any difference in which order Mr meister?
Answer: You can make the pairing of headset with Bluetooth phone
 first but do not connect just yet. Have the pairing information stored
in phone.
   Now, make the pairing between headset and Audio Module.  Once   
connected,    you can then connect the headset with mobile phone.

Meister... How Do you Connect the
AudioRAZR  to
an iPOD or MP3 Player such as...

 I have almost a thousand songs on my SD/USB GB flash memory
chip and a match book size MP3 player above that I got for only
$39 on sale without batteries and with small on board memory of
256MB or 512MB plus a SD /MMC slot. I bought the San Disk
1GB convertible Flash Memory above,    Eveready rechargeable
  AAA battery & plugged my AudioRAZR Audio Module into the
 ear phone jack and BLAM, connected with Grrreat Music 24/7..

Meister...   How Do I Connect to my
Bluetooth Cell Phone / PDA
To The
OK, I was able to connect to the audio module and the phone at the same
time.    I could listen to my iPOD and when a call came in, I was able to
  answer it. That's great, but I don't want to have to carry the iPOD around
all the time and the audio module with me when I have the music already
    on my PDA.  I want to be able to listen to the PDA without using the audio
 module.  I also want to be able to watch/listen to video on my PDA.  Or
       use the VoIP with the PDA.  How do I use the AudioRAZR to listen to the
windows pocket pc media player via the wireless Bluetooth connection
to the PDA/phone?  WW

 There in only one device.   It is a "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone".  I
     don't know what a A2DP connection is.  I think the connection option that I
  have for this device is a Headset / Hands-Free profile.  I have no way to
   connect the audio module to the       "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone"
because there is no 1/8 audio jack input  -  only a mini jack input for the
  wired headset with mic that comes with the "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell
Phone".   Nor would I want to connect the audio module even if I could
 because I would expect the headset to be able to connect to the "Sprint
            Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone" via the Bluetooth connection - just like the wired  
                   headset.  How do I connect this AudioRAZR to the "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell  
            Phone" and listen to an mp3 that is being played by the windows media player   
              on the "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone"?  I don't know how else to ask this   
   question. If I can't use the AudioRAZR  to listen to video and music that
 resides on my "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone", it really defeats the
                   purpose of having the AudioRAZR altogether.    My "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell
    Phone" comes with a wired ear bud headset with an inline mic in the wire
     near the right ear bud.  It works great both for audio sound quality and the
   mic does a good job for phone calls.       I can use it to listen to mp3's or
               video on the "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone".  There is an SD card slot on   
        the "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone" and I have a 1 Gig SD card full of   
       music and movies that I can watch and listen to with the wired headset and  
           when a call happens to come in, the music stops and the call comes through    
             the ear buds.  The only problem is that there is a WIRE and I HATE BEING   
                  WIRED to a "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone" in my pocket.  I would love to  
               be able to use the AudioRAZR exactly the same way I use the wired headset   
 but so far,           I can only hear the phone  -  NOT the media player.  
               So, the question that I keep asking is how do I connect the AudioRAZR to the  
            "Sprint Pocket PC PDA Cell Phone" so that I can listen to the media player?  
Thanks for trying to figure this out.

A2DP stands for advanced audio distribution profile and this is a standard
specification of Bluetooth.       It simply means a profile needed for stereo
  audio streaming. Many people tend to forget this fact and they think that as
 long as a devices is Bluetooth enabled,  they can do whatever application
is possible.
 This is not true and I think I have mentioned this before too.   For any two
devices to connect and be workable,   they must share the same profiles.  
For instance, a Bluetooth cell phone connects to headset via headset or    
  Hands-Free profile and they work because the cell phone supports either   
 one or both of the profiles. Likewise, if you want to listen to stereo audio   
         from stereo headset, the two devices must have A2DP but as you know A2DP
       enabled phones and devices, although there are a few models on the market,   
    they are not that common. This also means end users do not have any real   
knowledge about this unless...  They Are Told That Way.

  Hey meister... how long does it take      
to get the
AudioRAZR connected to
ANY airplane seat
sound system?     
 Oooo, about  NINE Seconds... That fast enough?   :-)

Get Audio Module out & with fresh battery correctly inserted    
into place and connect the short 6 inch Analog cable as that is   
in fact an earphone jack plug and will fit almost any earphone   
 socket ever made. Make sure you are on channel with music      
playing otherwise you will get a FALSE reading and we don't   
  want that to happen. Now press the Audio Module one & only   
  button inward until you see a flashing blue but do NOT release   
        until AFTER the rapid flashing stops and you see a slow pulsating    
blue flashing light and count off about three steady flashes.       

        Next pull out your AudioRAZR headset and insert another Fresh    
  battery correctly and this time press at the same time BOTH the
      Volume UP button and the smaller of the two triangle buttons until
you see about 2 or 3 steady BLUE flashes appear...
          It may take a Good Ten or Twelve Seconds but music Will start.      

Now Let Me Get This Straight... you can toss your AOL service and        
monthly bill, your Chicago Comcast DSL service, your Florida Adelphia
high speed Cable Modem... and some how turn your cell phone into     
a sophisticated TINY and VERY portable high speed modem and all     
for under TWENTY Bucks A Month
?   Yup !
But Cingular and Verizon are going to Nickel & dime me to death
I Know... that is their job and that is the way... They Are, sad to say.
  And it does not stop there. There are also "hidden" limits and wait to
you hear all the horror stories of their customers getting...
Slammed Big Time.  


2007 RIZR Z8

RIZR is Same Thickness (15mm) as Original RAZR
2005 RAZR V3x

meister How Can My Cell Phone be a Wireless Portable High Speed
Modem  ?

Welcome To My RAZR On Steroids...

OK meister guy... it's 2005,  I am walking down the malls in
 America & I hear buy this cell phone plan & get 500 Bonus minutes   
or buy that plan & get 1000 minutes or We Have Roll-Over minutes.  
What gives?  What do you like and use...  Please Explain this?

      I can understand your frustration & maybe you can understand this...        
I have a DSL Internet connection with Comcast in Illinois and I have  
a Cable Modem with Adelphia in South Florida. My wife had Verizon,
my kids had Sprint and I use to have Cingular. WELL, every month    
it was like a challenge to these companies who was going to screw      
    with my Monthly Bill the Most... Every Month It Wasn't pretty.            

One day I sat down in a nice Pete's Coffee shop and this wonderful     
business woman asked if she could share the very limited seating      
that was available. Short story, she said this is a nightmare for most
American's  and it does Not have to be this way.
She explained that all the Plans I had, were warped to the cell phone
  company's advantage and that they were going to nickel and dime me
  to death unless I took some action. The Internet was even worse she
       said because the minute I leave my house, I was leaving my connection.
    However, in that small cell phone I was caring... was a modem and the
Dirty Little Secret was it can be  a High Speed Modem. In fact she
  said that there is a chance that the cell phone connection could some
day soon provide a connection like a T-1 & later even faster than a
T-3!      Now, Imagine that?  
How can that be, what am I not getting here?
BTW, remember you CAN take it with you.  A cell phone IS taken
with you, everywhere you go and it works 24/7.   Or should.
First find a provider... well mine suck so she said try T-Mobile.       

It's reasonable and right now it's a steal. If you get an always ON    
     Internet service with T-Mobile & you ADD it to your cell phone plan,  
  it's only $19 and if you check out Cingular they want $59 a month to
just Add Internet and even Verizon is really in left field at $79...      
but it gets worse, those are only the beginning charges with them.  
T-Mobile is @ $19 added a month and I Am Done.
That's my Total bill as All Downloads & Pictures are Unlimited.     
UNLIMITED.... No regulated down loads, No Limits.        Period.
I Love it and my high speed modem is in my pocket ready 24/7.    

To explain pictures... I just take thousands of them and via my     
Bluetooth connection & transfer them to my Laptop and Wham   
    they fly out over the Internet to any country, any city in 4 seconds.

   This new Motorola
V3X is 3G or Third Generation and that is why
  my modem is High Speed. 3G is 3G BTW so you can ask any one
  at Verizon, Sprint or Cingular explain just what their 3G EVDO or
V Cast OR UMTS is all about.

When you use dial UP you are Lucky to get higher than 45 bps   
  connection speed. Well, with a cell phone the first speed is GPRS
   if you have an older Bluetooth phone with Internet but even That
          connects at 115,000 bps. If you can find a cell with EDGE Technology
       type Internet you are swinging in @ 200,000 bps or what DSL would
        like to be able to give you.  BUT in the OUT Years this UMTS in 3G
    networks is capable of Six Times this speed to well past 11 Megs.  
    11,000,000 bps or T-1.  I can see 54mbps
! Now we're really honk'n.
Uh, we are still with T-Mobile right?  You still are at $19 BTW in
  2004 & 2005. In March 2006 it is now $29 and WILL GO  higher.
Trust Me On That BTW...
Bluetooth means no other charges, no optional cables, no limits
to how many pictures you can e-mail... all Unlimited.
You Need a Name, Contact  Number or More Info...


      More coming here shortly in fact the entire CORRECTED English manual.

       You may down load this to your hard drive for future reference or
burn your own CD-ROM for convenience.   Thank You   cm


January 2006 Cover


Actual Template Size for PRINTING is 4" by 9" Long


AudioOnBoard Model AOB-110bt   ...


AudioRAZR CD-Rom Owners Manual