Can You Tell I'm Wearing Bluetooth RAZR's?           "HEARING IS NOW BELIEVING"
            AudioRAZR is Here!
                     (This Page Is Current ONLY As Of Halloween 2005)
THE IDEAL SOLUTION TO LISTEN TO YOUR Laptop, Play Station, Cell Phone, Plasma HDTV, iPOD,  DVD & On & On &

Welcome to WORLD's FIRST
Bluetooth Stereo
Communication Entertainment System 

You Say You've Had it withOver the Head... Headsets? You Want to Loose ALL the Wires ?
Ready For a Real Audio Experience
? You Want To Just Say NO To Stringy Dangerous Ear Buds  ?
 How About Crystal Clear Clarity on Cell Phone Calls, Music on Computers & Your iPOD

This IS the Promise Of Unparallel Wireless Stereo Listening You've Been Waiting For...

  Your Eyes will NOT believe what your Ears tell you...    so Light,    
       so Tiny & Portable: they work with Anything, whether or NOT you     
       a Bluetooth connection OR a USB port, Won't Matter
 For wedding   
          Videographers you can monitor your camcorder wirelessly, HD TV's,     
            Laptops. MAC's, PC's...
ANYTHING with a USB or Bluetooth... like    
          your favorite CELL PHONE below. Without ANY wires you can monitor  
        camcorder record/playback or hear them in Digital Audio. Wash the   
      car or walk the dog and keep listening to TV, play back your music  
      Library from your computer & even CHAT on your Cell...   no wires  
         & for people with longer hair styles; the
RAZR's will be.. invisible!  

 Proto Type V3X Left and High Speed UFO Charger on Right
The teeny tiny 14 hour battery is also new, that has a stand-by life of only 300      
hours (Three Hundred) and Cell talk time of 6 hours. Streaming will soon be also
six hours but for those of you into DVD playback. That should be long enough   

   We Now Have An Extraordinary Optional Accessory. You Ready for this?
IT will power
's Non Stop For 67,200 HOURS... Figure THAT Out !   

HOWEVER... the most amazing potential will be your Music because       
   of what these wireless audio earphones  do...   I own a pair of very        
  expensive Bose Jewel Cube $3500 surround sound speakers and these  
 amazing headsets Give Them A Run For Their Money even though they  
   have NO Wires What-so-Ever, light as a feather WITH the battery, play  
seemingly forever on one charge and can DO SO MUCH MORE than a     
     pair of crappy ole ear 'buds', stringy chincy ear phones or even 4 pound  
   Digital Reference Quality studio 'CANS mounted on your head!

        Wait a minute... you say you have one of those new
Sony PSP's ?  You say
      you want to REALLY hear the REAL quality of that
You're In

      iPOD owners / users note that these
RAZR'S will enhance your listening experience to such
   a degree you will NEVER want to go back to 'conventional things you shove inside your ear
      again. Music on your juke box, iRiver or computer will be like hearing it all again for the very  
first time... honestly.     Hearing here IS Believing.

 BTW...         you say you Don't Have a BLUETOOTH Laptop?
   Uh, the
AudioRAZR can have it's own tiny Instant Bluetooth 
adapter ABOVE that fits into ALL your USB 2.0 & 1.0 sockets!  
New 330 Foot plus Range model included in Options


We now have an attachment that works with ANY TV set, Home
Entertainment center, your car radio, Satellite Radio, Boom Box,
   Music Player or computer, like shown above. You name it and       
 this unit now connects from the
RAZR headset to the Module     
without wires to any of these electronic products above...

Want to loose the dongle and have everything INTERNAL?
OK,  how about 2 Bluetooth State-Of-The-Art Cell Phones
FREE? Want to make that 3 or 4  or even 5? 
Free?   How about 220,000 minutes per month?   
Which phone plan you say...

     This was the
FREE Sony $500 T610 Bluetooth Above for 2004   
         e-mail me  for info.          This beats ANY plan. Coverage? 137+
Countries with 3G & Digital Audio coming in 2005
 Did I mention... There's Never ROAMING... ever.
The entire U.S.A. Is a Local Call.  I have more...       
You get not one but THREE
                1. Unlimited To OR From ANY cell phone in the company in the COUNTRY 24/7 & 365
                     2. Unlimited Nights Monday through Friday    (that works out to about 13,500 per Month
                      3. Unlimited weekends
.  ONLY: $59 per month total Plan costs for 2 phones !                          
FREE: Call Waiting, Forwarding, Messaging, Conferencing (X6) & YES, it's a Camera Phone!    

meister's Tiny Battery, UFO Charger and Headset in February 2004 !

Aloha, Hola, Bonjourno, Masalama, Chio,
Hello, Gooten tag , Shalom, Konechi-wa

to our little corner of the electronic world wide web...


                    Enter the Third Generation Cell Phone...            

Bluetooth RAZR V3X Works Perfectly !   
Traditional BLACK RAZR left. EDGE 3G from T-Mobile with 2.0 Mega Pixel cam & MP3 right.
Thin as a dime and wide as a credit card. However, the Cingular honeymoon is over and the
 rest of the industry RAZR's are on their way in an Array of colors and Flash Memory chips
 and the great new promise of 2005 with world wide 3G GSM network called EDGE Technology
as seen in the latest version called the BLAZR. With Bluetooth 2.0, Removable Flash Memory. 
In 2006 this puppy above will go from $599 Cingular to $99 to Free.   YES!  And it will
be UNLOCKED so you can use it with your current carrier that is ripping you off.
Now YOU own it and you Don't have to sign your life away or any multi year plan to get it.   

BLACKRAZR Cell Phone News:
 Instead of SOME Bluetooth features turned Off and Missing on the Cingular version.
 This one is FULLY enabled, Unlocked... ask for specs and details HERE.


If anyone World Wide is interested in being one of the First on the Block in
2005 to Own A Complete
Bluetooth Headset Box Gift Set,  contact HERE.

Beam My High Speed RAPID UFO Battery CHARGER  Charger Up Scotty...

If anyone is interested in being considered for retailing or distribution
of this radical sound device KIT please contact

Above is Headset with Laptop Adapter, UFO Charger, A/C Adapter & Travel Pouch ? See Above.

If anyone is interested in investing around a million US Dollars for a
Piece of the Action in the promotion & licensing or be part of the 1st
Inventory of 10,000 units or would like to Distribute or even to market
both wholesale as well as retail... Just drop your meister a line and we can
get you in touch with the owners & CEO.  Oh Yes, you can also take the
same amount and become Part of the Company (
% ownership). If it was 
now seventeen years ago & you're looking at the 1st Sony CD Walkman
about a year before it came out... what would you want ? One walkman
when it goes on sale? The whole first inventory in the world? Or be an 
owner of the Company making the Walkman?   Simple answer really

I'm Interested In Knowing More

 Laptop with 140,000+ tunes or 2,000 on my iPOD All Sounding  Just Like 
 a Million Bucks On
AudioRAZR     Yesss !

Want To See Where All This Is Coming From?  First
 REPORT  was January 2004 folks !

My Apple iPOD Owners Say  "These Headsets Make Their 
Music Just Drip With Awesome Audio Music Clarity !"