The Revolutionary

AudioRAZR Arrives in the USA

STEREO Bluetooth Head Phones
with iPOD Module Now Available

  Below @ Bob Evans Breakfast out by Argonne National
Nuclear Labs Naperville Chicago-land  February
2004 !

Holding New Battery & High Speed UFO Charger 

2oz Bluetooth
AudioRAZR  in my left hand, battery is in
Pilot's seat of the UFO Charger
also Flight3 Laptop
New Cell Phone Microphone Attachment  

UFO Battery Charger is done in 2 Hours!


    Thumb size adapter above will make anything work with
Bluetooth as it is a Universal Protocol, plug it into any
  thing that has a USB (camcorder, Laptop, computer or
even a cell phone) and you are Bluetooth connected...
World Wide!

Current Range with Bluetooth is 100 meters or 333'
Bluetooth II coming June 2005 is over a 1000' feet.
   Bt3, Bt4 & Bluetooth 5 hold the promise of EVEN    
greater ranges... unimaginable today.   

       Currently... the world markets except for the USA is        
flooded with Bluetooth equipped electronics... BTW 

meister's Bluetooth $499 Cell Phone...
For FREE ! E-Mail Me

Sony-Ericsson T610

 This just in, 2006 3G RAZR from Motorola!

  Technically you can accomplish the following with     
Bluetooth... Tell your Bluetooth Laptop to find your 
Bluetooth Cell Phone and to dial up your ISP     OR
better yet...    for about 65 cents a day have 24  /  7
Internet connection on your... Cell Phone.
You can now be hooked up in seconds to the Web
via the Data Port and NOT the Voice port...
  meaning you still Get & can Make cell phone calls.
 Gets better, you are connecting via DATA and are
 therefore, no matter where in the world you are...
you never pay any more than the  65 cents a day
going rate for this cell phone Internet service.

Get This... it will SOON be High Speed Internet
access.    You NOW can toss that home phone,
    business phone, fax line, Long Distance provider,  
     that DSL, the cable modem, e-mail providers and  
AOL and all the other ISP.
Look at all the expenses you will save? 

AudioRAZR  can be a Key player in all of this.

Hit the Cell Phone Image if you want a real live
  voice to give you answers, prices and availability.

And YES, I am therefore predicting the demise of:
Fax Lines
ISP providers
Telephone companies
Long Distant Charges
Over Sea's Phone Bills

and... the Post Office
to name only but a FEW .  Have Pity on them as they are
all in perpetual denial and won't know what  HIT  them

Bluetooth STEREO Earphones finally arrive USA May 2005...

   Flying Saucer Battery QUICK Charger                    Bluetooth USB Transceiver

  AudioRAZR   FEATURES:                          

  • World's first Bluetooth STEREO Cell, Music and Streaming Audio         
  • Bluetooth technology for COMPLETE elimination of wires
  • Awesome CD Reference Studio quality sound
  • Fashionable Invisible design & Light-As-A-Feather 
  • Ergonomic, Functional  and Extremely comfortable 
          (nothing over the head or placed inside the ear)

  • Wireless PC stereo headphone feature
  • Stand alone music player(MP3/WMA) function
  • Compressed music(MP3/WMA) Streaming Function
  • Mobile Cell Phone function
        (with Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones)
        For non-Bluetooth phones, the Bluetooth Phone
        Adapter OBA-0100 can be used ( which is sold separately)

  • Voice Chat Function (telescoping detachable microphone)
  • High capacity flash memory embedded [Future - Removable FM
      (current 128MB = 64 songs) [512MB = 256 & 2GB = 1,000 songs !]

  • New high density Lithium-Polymer battery for Longer Lasting play    
        (150 hours stand-by,  6 hrs Music Play in 1st generation)

  • Tiny Removable battery pack (size of quarter weight of a nickel !)
  • Cute little 'UFO' looking & easy to use Optional Quick Battery Charger
  • Folding as well as collapsible & easy to carry / store earphones
       (can fit easily in a T-shirt pocket)

        New for 2005... Optional 67,200 hour Power Source     
                                Optional Air Line & Car Power Adapter
                                Optional Laptop / Computer USB Power Adapter
                                Optional Dual Battery Charger Splitter Cable
                                Optional NEW 2005 USB Extended Range Bluetooth 2.0
                                Optional NEW 2005 Audio Source adapter (iPOD/PSP)

                                                      Optional Extra AudioRAZR Batteries               

  • Small & Portable protective Sports storage pouch is Optional

  • User friendly PC software: CD-ROM with Complete Owner's Manual
        (Windows 2000, XP compatible)

      Universal Bluetooth USB Adapter EXTENDER...
      (allows any USB product extended range)



    Standards                      Bluetooth Specification V1.2 compliant   

       Frequency Band  /           2402 ~ 2480 mHZ (Bluetooth Power Class 2
      Transmission Power       

      Rx Sensitivity Distance    
    <10m Bluetooth 1st Generation
                                             (30+ miles 2005, 100+ miles 2006)

    Audio                              MP3   Max 192kbps  48kHz
      WMA Max 192kbps  48kHz    
     SBC   Max 200kbps  48kHz

    Audio Frequency Range
    20Hz ~ 22,000 kHz

    Audio S/N                       >80dB

    Audio THD                     < 0.1%    

      Audio Output Power      

      Battery Life
                         Standby   > 200 hours   (All These                
      (3.7V > 250mAH)           
    MusicPlay>    7 hours    Times Will
                                              Cell Phone>    7 hours   
    Soon Double)

      Charging Time               
    < 2 hours

      Adapter A/C Input         
    AC90V ~ 250V  (World Wide Capable)

    2.2 ounces Total (includes Battery which
                                              Weighs itself about that of a... Nickel !) 
      Operating Temp              
    -10 ~ +50 degrees Celsius
      & Humidity                     
    Relative Humidity 0 ~  95%




    AudioRAZR Bullets:
    * Functions as a Stereo Headphone for streaming of audio in high quality   
    * Functions as HandsFree Headset for all voice functions with Cell Phone  
     * With NEW Audio Bluetooth Adapter will stream from ANY audio device...  
    Radio, TV, GameBoy, XBox, PSP, iPOD, iRiver, HDTV & ON & ON
    * Perfect for Listening to Laptop Music Collections and DVD's, CD's & etc

    * You will appreciate the Quality of: Tone, Clarity, Presence, Treble, Bass  
    * Detachable boom microphone, play With or Without Battery A/C or D/C  
    * New USB charging cable from USB ports, two Batteries included and  it  
    has it's own clip on travel pouch for purse or a belt loop.
    This is a UL tested, CE approved, FCC Licensed
    USA Version

    iPOD Owners Say AudioRAZR Make Their Music Sound New All Over Again!
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